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These glossy, dark green cycads have been growing and thriving since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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King Palm Planting Instructions growing palm trees, palm tree care, planting palm trees Fertilize only when the garden or container soil is moist, especially when using a quick release.King Sago is a compact grower and well suited to growing in a large container for enjoyment in.

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This sago palm is suffering from a classic case of manganese deficiency.In fact, this is a great plant for beginners and makes an interesting addition to nearly any room.Palms vary in size from relatively small Windmill and Sago Palms, to giants like Royal Palms and Queen Palms which, when grown, may tower fifty feet in the air.It could be day-to-day palm tree care, climate, disease, insects or some kind of injury.The best way to do this is with the addition of mycorrhizal fungi.

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Be sure to plant the sago palm at the same level at which it was growing in its original pot.Sago Palm Tree - Cycas revoluta The Sago Palm is not really a palm tree but a cycad, which is an old species of plants that date back to the Mesozoic Era, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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While the name might imply that it is a palm, this plant is.

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The only thing to do with a sago palm is do take off fronds that have gone yellow or have frost damage.Like all plants, it requires a lot of care for proper growth and nutrition.

If you want to have a beautiful Sago Palm. be sure to care for your plants properly.Sago Palm Growing Instructions Grow sago palm in medium or bright light.And takes 3-9 months time to germinate seeds though you prefer well drain soil.I Would Like To Plant My Newly Purchased Sago Palm Outside In My Flowerbed.

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Even though this article is on the importance of pruning (trimming) your palm trees always remember that Palm trees are still low maintenance trees.Cycas Revoluta. commonly known as the Sago Palm tree. is one of the oldest types of plants that exist.

However, most parts of the plant, especially the seeds, are found to be poisonous for humans as well as animals.They, of course, block the sightline of on-coming traffic and is dangerous for me and my wife and much more dangerous for visitors.Gary, our sago palm grower, and I check the blooming plants daily to determine when each is ready for pollination - timing can be somewhat critical.The Sago Palm originates from the island of Japan, but can now be found throughout the world and almost any landscape.

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The sago palm is one of the most popular cultivated cycads, enjoyed for its symmetrical habit of dark green, prehistoric-looking leaves and low care requirements.A study also shows that refrigerating the seeds for 60 days at 50 F before planting increases the seed germination process quickly.It is more often known by the common name of King Sago Palm, or just Sago Palm.